Now that I’ve turned my obscure model building obsession into a hobby, I’m taking it into even deeper realms of the obscure. This for example is my latest eBay purchase, a 1/60 Aoshima Dekotora Truck. I’ve wanted one of these for the past 1.5 years. Ever since I ran across an article about them on Dark Roasted Blend (if you haven’t ever visited DRB, be prepared to waste the rest of your week on the site). Dektoroa trucks are what would happen if Elvis became a trucker and decided to cross breed slot machines with carnival rides and used the offspring to deliver freight. I can’t believe these things actually roam the highways of Japan.

It’s a shame this is a super-small size. I really want a 1/32 scale kit, but those cost in the neighborhood of $100. The $5 + shipping I paid for this little bit of plastic joy is a bargain in comparison. I can’t wait to lock myself in the basement and work on this.