As if you haven’t noticed; I am becoming obsessed with Japanese anime, pop culture, music and toys. It’s been a slowly building up over the years and it continues to grow now that I have kids that are getting into what goes on half a world away.

If you remember Star Blazers, this looks familiar. A Gamilon Battle Cruiser. Star Blazers was the show for me back in the early ’80’s. Unfortunately in the states (and in rural PA) merch was non-existent. But with the Internet, and the purchasing power of adulthood, it’s really freaking simple to fill a room with toys from overseas.

This kit is from the series of Bandai micro models that seem to be popular in Japan. These things are really tiny. This kit is only about 3.5″ in length. My wife, who bought this of eBay as a Christmas gift, didn’t realize that this is about the size of a Matchbox car. I’m not sure why such┬átiny models are popular in Japan. Lack of space? It’s still cool. Really simple to build but almost impossible to add real detail.

Overall, it came out decent. It was a fun distraction working on it while waiting for other kits to dry. Getting a complete set of the micro models would make for a great shelf display.